Very occasionally the track on my iPod sync’s up with the landscape I’m riding through, sending me into an inescapable storyboard mode until I put a video to it. Enjoy Peru’s Cordillera Blanca (Parque Nacional Huascarán).


  1. Awesome, just awesome – ok so Jimmy Webb gets the creds for composing this but the quartet takes it all – Willie Nelson
    fave voice for this backing @musingsfromthesaddle

    • Hi Luca, I arrived late in the day soaking wet from some crazy storms that rolled through. The guy was super friendly and let me sleep in the hut on the ground and shared his soup with me while i cooked us both dinner in the kitchen he had.

    • Thank you Jesse for your reply!
      Do you have any suggestion about camping, wild camping or where to sleep during the circuit? in Ulta there are not Camping facilities, isn’t it? And is it difficult to find water climbing from Ulta to Punta Olimpica and from Llanganuco to Portachuelo?
      Sorry for my questions and enjoy your life!

    • No problem luca. There’s camping in ulta just before the switchback start up to olimpica. About 8 km after the entrance hut which I slept in. Otherwise I know it’s not struictly alllowed but you could find somewhere discreet to camp anywhere in the valley on the way towards ulta. Once you clear the pass it’s all downhill but theres still some places to camp by the lagunas on the way down if you look carefully, i think some abandoned hosues you could sleep in too. Basically you can find good camping all the way through. water shouldnt be a problem, all the way up the passes there was water flowing near and under the road, i guess a side product of the glaciers melting. Should be good enough to drink up that high but you can take tablets or else a steripen if you feel like it! enjoy!

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