[FEATURE: National Geographic Traveler Nederland] A year on bicycle through South America


A few week’s ago I was contacted by National Geographic Traveler Magazine in Holland, who were interested in publishing an interview with me with my experiences and advice over the last year of riding my bike through South America.

Find the link to the full interview here, it’s in Dutch but you can enjoy the photography and use Google translate.


  1. Hi Jesse, I loved reading your deeply thoughtful one year reflections in your 15 October blog. Now global fame is upon you! impressive! go well, Nigel (& Yvonne, Jonathan, Jeremy)

    • Thanks Nigel, this interview came out of that piece from October 15 when someone from NatGeo read it. I guess there’s a few more people out there reading my rambling’s than I thought.

  2. Hi Jesse,

    It’s still lovely to read your blog and great to read the interview for National Geographic!! Enjoy your travels and stay safe.

    Nadine (Holandesa, we met in Santiago at the hostel with the scating dog ;))

    • Hi Nadine! How are you? Where are you?
      Thanks so much for writing, the interview is a bit funny! I guess the folks in Holland are more interested in bicycle travel than the people back home in Australia. Weird to see my photo’s up on their website though.

    • Thanks Rosie, Positivity works pretty well out here but there’s still some long and hard days where my thoughts get the better of me – thankfully they don’t occur often.

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