[VIDEO] A very Patagonian Christmas

A quick Christmas hello for anyone wondering what’s going through my head while I’m riding all day.

Feliz Navidad!



  1. Hey Jeronimo Dixon, loved your christmas message! And are really enjoying following your incredible adventures through South America. We will be thinking of you at Christmas. Stay safe and have a great Christmas! Nigel, Yvonne and boys

  2. Merry Christmas Jesse. Definitely a warrior, a braveheart and a poet. May the journey continue to sing your soul’s song. Xx

  3. Que haces loco!? Feliz Navidad! Are you in San Martin de Los Andes right now? How is everything going? Was very nice to meet you in El Bolson, we stayed a few more days and headed south to Trevelin and Los Alerces National Park. Now, in the big city. I think I’ll be here in Buenos Aires for one more month and probably will go visit the north. Keep me posted or I will check your blog. While I’m here at home you are more than welcome to stay in our place. Keep up Los pedals!! the world needs more crazies like you (good crazies,lol)

    The pizza guy

  4. Hola Christian!! I hope you enjoyed the credit note in the video and again thanks for the great pizzas! I will send you the photos as promised. Estoy en Pucon (chile) ahora y viajo a santiago y mendoza proxima, La ruta es muy hermosa! Argentina es una especialamente bonita pais! Made espicially nice by hospitality such as your own.

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