¡Adios mis amigos!

Well it’s finally time to jet my friends. The last few days and weeks in Australia have been a whirlwind tour of smiling faces.

I hope I’ve got to spend time catching up with each of you, drinking in Sydney’s beers and sunshine, but for the next little while our contact is going to be through this blog – I’ll do my best to stay in contact with all of you outside of it also.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out on Saturday night for the grand send-off, whether or not I told you personally, it meant a whole lot to me to see all of you before I left. The first few months will be spent riding across Tierra del Fuego, el Parque Nacional de Torres del Paine and the Southern Andes, and riding the Carratera Austral – if you have a spare minute you should look all of these places up, or better yet just wait for my photos.

I’ll stay in regular contact, it’d mean a lot to me to hear from all of you from time to time also. I’ll leave you with this picture of my rough head looking a bit like a knob.

¡Hasta luego y con mucho amor!


Photo on 4-10-2015 at 8.25 pm


Jesse spent five year's working as a consulting Structural Engineer between studying and hitchhiking abroad in Canada, and then later discovering the simple pleasure of bicycle touring in New Zealand and Australia. Sick of the deadlines in consultancy, he's now riding North through the America's since October 2015.


    • Thanks Rosie, hoping my broken spanish is charming enough to get people past the thuggish exterior.

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